Blanket Stitch

I try not to start new blankets before finishing the current one but I got through two balls of yarn and was waiting for a 3rd ball to finish up the Trellis Stripe blanket – it’s almost large enough but I decided I’d like a few more rows and a border so, Wednesday night after finishing the binding on the Whale Strippie, I started a new blanket. I’d mentioned when I finished the blue Blanket Stitch one, that it was bit bulky and that I wanted to try this stitch in a lighter weight yarn and I’m happy to say it’s going to be perfect in this yarn! Now I just have to hope that the two big skeins make a long enough blanket for the 150 chains I started with or I’ll end up in the same situation as the purple blanket and having to wait for yarn to finish it.


  1. Such a pretty stitch! That is one of those colors that I don’t care for in the skein, but then it looks so pretty once it’s stitched. I struggle with yellow in my quilting too.

  2. Lion Brand Ice Cream is my favorite for baby items. I have knitted blankets in mint, cookies and cream, and 2 in yellow for my granddaughter. I am right now making a blanket in Blue Moon for my soon to be born grandson. I have to get this pattern since it looks so pretty with this yarn.

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