1. I just can’t believe how tall Rae has gotten! The pictures really show what a great day you had. Curious to know what Rae thought about seeing the bear???

  2. Looks like a fun day was had by all. And looks like a beautiful park. My oldest daughter’s family has been hiking and kayaking several state parks with the kids this summer, and they’ve had a blast. Inexpensive fun for the whole family.

  3. Looks like you all have had some great times lately. A lot of people are spending more time hiking and outdoors right now. I’m not a hiker but thinking maybe I should get back to golfing. Rae is a cutie and looks so happy to be with you both.

  4. That was a happy day. But I have to tell you seeing that bear would have been VERY unsettling.
    xx, Carol

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