L Block Charms

I saw this block variation called an L block so that’s the name I’m going with. This meets my November precut challenge to use charm squares.

About half my fabrics were directional so I had to be a little more thoughtful about block placement BEFORE framing the block and thoughtful about the size of the quilt too because my border fabric is directional and I didn’t want to piece it. Isn’t that a great border fabric? The charms and the border came from Connecting Threads but I’ve had them a while so I don’t expect that they still have them.

I did not use a pattern and am writing up some brief notes which will be available in a day or two on my website if you want to make your own version.


  1. lovely border fabric. great idea for MY excessive charm square collection! thank you! love all your lovely show and share, both scenery and quilts.

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