I started my workday by finishing up masks and these are the last ones I plan to make while we’re here.

I still haven’t decided what I want to piece next – I forgot to bring a couple dies that would have given me several choices so I’m waffling a bit. Since I had sewing time left in my day, I pulled a Quick Strippie that had already been cut out and got that assembled.

And finally, I started another hat. I’ve kind of settled into my routine here – downstairs sewing during the day, with some knitting when I’ve finished my tasks and crocheting upstairs in the evenings. I’m making progress on everything.


  1. You have made a lot of masks!! Adorable fabric for that Strippee quilt. Are the Strippee quilts usually the same size? Who do you usually order fabric for these quilts?

  2. I always enjoy reading your posts. The masks are so cute. The turkey fabric!!!! Love that and the quick strippie quilt fabrics too. Enjoy your time in north Georgia.

  3. Good morning Mary. I was wondering if you had seen the new Purl Soho pattern for the toque and mittens made from their Yak yarn? I like the picture, and am wondering if I can make it, even though I don’t really knit. I wouldn’t want to use Yak yarn though. How could I determine what I might use instead? Any thoughts on this?
    Also tis is a super cute strippee. I’m inspired.

  4. What cute masks.. functional but fun! The fabric in your strippie quilt is adorable! I have one cut out and ready to assemble too.Love that pattern because of its simplicity and the way it always looks so good when completed. Thank you again for sharing it.

  5. I must be channeling you with my quilt mind—I just happened to come across that same dog fabric last night in my stash, was wondering what to make with it. Thanks for the great idea!

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