Today was a better day for sure! I was a bit discouraged yesterday but I think it must have been in part due to not feeling well. I woke up this morning feeling fine and got back to work. The sewing room has been a mess while I’ve been working in there but I wanted the room to be presentable before the moving guy comes tomorrow. That meant clearing away the mess in the string piecing corner! Look how neat it is.

See all those empty bins in the corner?! I had so many of them with leftover bits and pieces of projects just tucked away and they’ve all been dealt with … I can’t tell you the last time all these bins were empty … Keith calls me a Bin Ho … can you see why? And these are just the open bins, the ones without lids! I’m going to ask the moving guy can I use these bins for moving all the books. It will be much easier for me than having to box them up plus these bins are going anyway, they might as well work their way there. We did have one move where I moved books in bins rather than boxes so I’m hoping he says yes.

My HeartStrings group has been working on 3 yard quilts. I made some in March and earlier this month while I was at Big Canoe but when a few members were sharing their most recent tops today, I had the bright idea that it would be easy to bundle fabrics for more 3 yard quilts together in a bin while my fabric is still on open shelves. I intend to keep my fabric in bins in GA. We’re in the woods there and while we have a pest control service and I’ve only seen a couple bugs in the downstairs terrace level in the year we’ve had the place I just feel more comfortable … however it will be a bigger challenge digging through the bins when I am ready to start a project. After our move from Minneapolis, my stash lived at our Big Canoe condo and it stayed in bins for 4 years so I have a pretty good idea of what I’ll be dealing with. Anyway, this evening I started pulling fabric off the shelves and ended up with 14 – 3 yard bundles. Some of the pieces are bigger than a yard so that’s 42++ yards of fabric pulled. I can piece one of these 3 yard quilts in an afternoon so making more of these tops will help me tame the stash too. When I finally get settled in at Big Canoe in June, I’ll be ready for some instant gratification. These will be quick and easy to piece. A couple of the larger prints will probably end up as Quick Strippies and I’ve got a few more prints that I’ll look for coordinating fabrics tomorrow.

It’s funny, yesterday I was stressed at the size of the stash … tonight I go in there and start pulling fabric after fabric and am able to bundle all of these because I do have a generous stash and it feels like a blessing rather than a burden. I guess it is both.


  1. I’ve been grouping fabrics and cutting kits! That curbs my buying more than anything else!

  2. You do such a wonderful job of pairing fabrics. And you must have an incredible stash of cute kid fabrics! Which 3-yard pattern do you and your group use? BTW, I have never seen a quilting room that neat and clean!

  3. So much satisfaction in being able to bundle these fabrics with a plan in mind. I appreciate the reminder of how easy these 3 yard quilts are since I had forgotten all about the pattern books already on my shelf.

  4. I saw a fabric in your group that I have too. Your sewing room looks fabulous! Mine is an absolute horror right now. I believe you got your mojo back now, those vaccines kind of throw us for a one day loop. I do have a question though: you make all these charity quilts, but do you ever want to make something complicated for yourself? I have the pattern, fabrics and templates to sew a Storm at Sea quilt and still haven’t gotten to it. But it’s on my bucket list for this year.

  5. Hi Mary! WOW – your room looks amazing after all your hard work. I think it was a brilliant idea to pull all those fabrics for some 3-yard quilts. I also hope the mover’s will let you move books in the bins – it would be a shame to have to move them empty. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Wow, it looks so empty! Your stash is only a burden when you have to move it all. Since you go through it so fast I think it is good that you have it. Saves money and trips to the fabric store I’m sure. A dedicated quilter like you needs a good stash. I’m happy you are feeling better! I had the same kind of reaction to my second shot. I’m thankful it was only one day!!

  7. I’m sure you’ll be able to use the bins for your move. I used mine when I moved, so I had fewer boxes to deal with and to purchase.

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