After spending my morning getting a GA driver’s license, I decided I needed something mindless to sew. I intended to grab a set of fat quarters and make a 16 patch quilt. I grabbed a bundle and started pairing them up before I decided it wasn’t working for me. Wandered back over to the bins and found an old UFO sitting on top of one. So much for something mindless. I knew what I intended to make but there were no instructions and I couldn’t find the file with my draft quilt … and I know I would have drafted it out before I started cutting. I crossed my fingers and hoped that I had saved the photo of the inspiration quilt I’d found on eBay and that I could find it. And I did find the photo.

Vintage quilt found on eBay

All the blocks were cut (in July 2016) and I had a blue sashing fabric in the bag too. I remember not having a green that worked and choosing the blue.

It appears that I have 20 blocks cut ( they’ll be 12 inches finished, 12.5 inches with seam allowances) and most likely I intended to cut my sashing 3.5 inches. It will be larger than my typical sofa size donation quilts.

Once I figured out what I was doing, it didn’t take that long to start piecing the blocks … working on the 3rd one now.

Obviously, it would have been helpful if I’d put notes in the bag with the fabrics but I doubt I expected it to sit for 5 years. It’s another reason I almost always try to finish piecing a top before setting a project aside.


  1. I have a bad habit of buying fabric for a project that I saw somewhere – and then I find the fabric 2 months later and have NO idea what I had in mind…
    It’s bad… 😉

  2. I am not good enough to pick up a project and make it work after a length of time or really after switching the brain to a different project. I love this quilt!

  3. Beautiful color combination! It’s even more fun when you realize the pieces were cut and ready to sew.

  4. This is going to be very pretty, I like the fabric colors. I’m like you, I just don’t lay things down, my memory isn’t that great.

  5. Can’t wait to see this one finished. I am also trying to get UFO’s finished before starting anything new. Although I did start a 4th of July wall hanging for my daughter’s new house…almost done. I love small projects!!

  6. Getting a quilt to top status is a really good plan. It makes the return trip to a UFO project SEW much easier!! At least, you don’t do that very often, Mary. Some of us have mountains of UFOs in our studios… of course, I’m not going to point any fingers (or I would have to be looking in the mirror!)

  7. I love your colors! After 5 years I don’t think I would remember where to begin! Congratulations!

  8. Hi Mary! I sure do love the fabrics you’ve chosen. I guess five years was just the perfect amount of time to percolate. I wonder why you set aside in the first place? It doesn’t really matter as it is beautiful and it will be a wonderful finish. I have a spot for something like this in my home – I love this color combination. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. So good that you figured it out! I have projects like that too that seem so easy to remember when I put them away and then I don’t know what I was thinking later on nor can find a pattern to match the pieces I’ve already cut out!

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