I arrived in Tampa just before dinner time. It was a long and challenging 9 hour drive. Traffic, accidents, torrential rainfall … but I made it safely. I walked over to the other Marriott on the water and ate outside – socially distanced – with my mask on except when I was eating. This was the only place we ate out before we were vaccinated and only a couple times because the staff wore masks (correctly) and we were able to be seated well away from others. The waitress even let me order off the lunch menu so I had my favorite smoked turkey avocado sandwich.

I crossed back over to my hotel and am tucked away for the night and I hope I can get some sleep. Between Keith and Adam, I have an upgraded room with a view of the water (and the sunset) for a super low rate. It’s nice to have connections!


  1. Your supper looks delicious! It’s nice that you can find a safe environment to be in while there.

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