I was scrolling around online and came across a brick quilt that got me thinking … it used two bricks but the quilt was sashed and even though 2 my last few quilts were sashed, you know I don’t like doing sashing so I got to thinking about my Forest Bricks quilt and how that one is constructed. Just a strip on either side of the brick and the blocks are turned horizontally or vertically and there are NO seams to match up. Easy!

Brief instructions for Forest Bricks can be found online at this link.

So if you were to use two bricks, you’d just add another strip between them. Of course, my “bricks” in this one are more like strips that are cut 3.5 x 9.5 but that’s OK too. If you like a smaller block you could use bricks that are cut 2.5 x 7.5 and strips cut 1.5 x 7.5 and that would give you a 7 inch finished block (7.5 with seam allowances). Again, a great thing about this one is no seams to match up PLUS it would use a lot of scraps or leftover Jelly Roll strips. I wouldn’t put a border on, I’d just bind it in the same fabric as the sashing strips. I might just end up making two of them … eventually. For now it will go on the “to do” list. You can find brief notes on this quilt by clicking here.


  1. love the hairm and these two quilts are great stashbuster and the no matching seams is a bonus. I belong to a Quilt of Valor group, would you mind if I shared this with them, I would include your blog address, or I can just share your blog address because you have many quilts to choose from. I will understand if you don’t want me to!

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