I’d planned to relax today in an isolated corner by pool but it’s rainy and overcast so I decided I’d get my haircut. The place I go here requires masks and the staff wear them – the place in GA – no masks since the requirement was lifted a few months ago and I know they are anti-vaccine since the woman who cut my hair last time with both of us masked up told me she wasn’t getting the vaccine and couldn’t wait until she didn’t have to wear the “stupid mask”. I won’t be going back there! Anyway, I decided to take advantage of being here and getting a haircut with precautions in place. I had her go short because with the direction we’re heading with COVID, who knows when I’ll feel comfortable going again or if I’ll be able to find a place in GA that takes precautions. I don’t take good selfies but at least you can see the haircut. Keith had two comments … he thought I looked really young and that I looked like my Dad in this photo. Both nice compliments but I think he was referring to the big nose when he said I looked like Dad!

What do you think? Is he right, do I look like Dad?

I had another meal outside – Sail is an outdoor restaurant downtown that we rode our bikes to often and it’s close by the hotel here. The smoked fish dip was yummy as always.

And yes, that’s a beer to go with my lunch. I needed it! I went by the house and found out the garage door isn’t working. And then later found out that the contractor doing the work in the crawl space hasn’t been paid and they’ve threatened to stop working if they don’t receive a check. I am SOOOO ready for this place to be sold and to not have to deal with these problems. The realtor is going to go check on the garage door (he has the emergency key and was the last one to open it), the Management company has assured me they’ll get the check to the contractor and make sure they receive it and continue working.


  1. Mary, it’s darling! You are so smart, both for going to a place taking precautions, and for getting more than usual taken off – just in case. Let’s all hope Georgia gets its act together, in so many ways. 🤞

  2. Cute haircut! You definitely resemble your dad, but a much prettier version. 🙂 So glad you stopped by the house and could get things taken care of too. It would have been awful if they had stopped working and you didn’t know or know why.

  3. The haircut is cute. I can sure understand your frustration with the contractor progress at the house. It seems like everyone I know who have had any kind of construction projects going on have experienced delays, no-shows, and all kinds of other issues.

  4. Cute haircut! I am letting mine grow again. My gal doesn’t mask. Looking for a new place to get a quick haircut and then wait it out for a while.

  5. great haircut! I am going to do the same, and get it cut short. I am with you on not knowing where all this is going.

  6. Yes, you look great with the shorter hair. I don’t understand these people who won’t get vaccinated, don’t they read the news? Sorry about the house issues, tomorrow we finally list ours for sale and start the craziness of trying to get it sold. Hopefully your house issues will be resolved soon.

  7. If it impacts the sale can they be sued or negotiated with to defray the costs or possible losses?

    Your hair looks great and I love my hairstylist but haven’t been to see her since February 2020. She is a social butterfly and some of the things she does scare me. Find a good one in Georgia

  8. Your hair looks great! I have short hair and when it gets just a tiny bit longer than normal it bugs me. It is at that point now. The salon I go to is very careful so I feel safe when I go there. Hopefully things will get better at the Tampa house. I am sure it is very frustrating. I am very impatient with things like that and would be going crazy. Hopefully your visit will get them going once again.

  9. The haircut is very cute! And will be cooler in hot weather. I do see a resemblance to your dad but I’ve always thought you really look like your mom when I’ve seen photos of the two of you together. BTW, your mom is SO cute, and she looks like such a happy person, she always has a beautiful smile. And so do you!

  10. I think your noses are different. But I think you have your Dad’s dimples, mouth and chin; maybe the cheeks too.
    (I have my Mom’s mouth and chin, hair, skin type, and slow decision making.)

  11. I hope your house sells quick. We finally closed on our house last week. I held my breath all day until I saw the money in our account. 🤞

  12. I love your new haircut!! Sorry you have to go through all these house problems. You will be so relieved when it’s all over!

  13. Your new haircut looks terrific! Keep in mind that selfies are known to make your nose look bigger! You definitely resemble your Dad.

  14. Love your new haircut! I don’t understand that people are gathering but not wearing masks. I just saw one of my favorite cooks on Facebook posting photos of huge gatherings in Alabama and no one wearing masks. I was so disappointed to see their attitudes.

  15. Your hair cut is really nice! Does make you very young looking! we all could use that! Hopefully all the problems with the house will get resolved soon. Was a shame you had to walk into that! Take extra care , Florida is really having a time of it!! xo

  16. I love the haircut, Mary. Very becoming. I have gray hair, too, and keep it short. Much easier. I agree with the mask wearing. I wear a mask whenever I am our doing errands. Anti vaxers are doing harm to the rest of the population.

  17. Cute haircut! COVID cases are on the rise in my community- nearly all unvaccinated. It’s hard to empathize with those who are now ill and wish they were vaccinated. They’ve had numerous opportunities to get the shots and stubbornly refused.

  18. I could not agree more with Nancy, the previous commenter. Same here. We just had a fair. Crowds, mostly unmasked. 67 cases in the county last week (under 26000 people) and 79 as of yesterday, most in their 30s and 40s but some kids and a few in their 50s. Most of the seniors here, including me, have been vaccinated. None of the 27 yesterday were. I would nt care how many of the vaccine resistant get sick orneed hospitalization, but I do care about the stress on the health workers (some of whom also resist vaccination???), the lack of availability of health care for other issues, and also the risk to immunocompromised adults, and kids under 12.
    On the plus side, I like your hair and like you, no way and I going into a place where people are not masked and proud of it. The angle of the photo emphasizes your nose, but you do look like your dad

    I hope the problems with the crawl space are resolved soon and you can put Tampa behind you

  19. I definitely think you look young and glamorous. I have gone au natural since the pandemic. I love not having to worry about having a stripe in my part. My hair is mostly white now with grey streaks in some areas. I was afraid it would make me look older, but I think I look my age (72) and that’s okay with me. I see a strong resemblance to Rae.

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