Which border?

I finished the windmill blocks today and I’ll look at them on and off over the next day or so and move some around but the big question is which border fabric to use.

The one on the right is my favorite but as I was making the blocks I felt the darker one on the left looked better with the blocks … I’m still leaning that way but I’m waffling a little. What do you think?


  1. I love both border fabrics but I think the one to the left is stronger and works better with the blocks. Isn’t it nice how such a simple pattern yields such a cute quilt?

  2. I would go for the darker one as it makes the windmills pop! So pleased to hear that you are feeling much better and are back to your sewing now.

  3. How about both? A slim border of the fabric on the left, and a wider border of the fabric on the right?

  4. Good morning Mary,
    I think both would work, but it depends on what you want to stand out in the quilt. For my eye, the one on the left with the stronger colours, becomes dominant, and says “look at me”. The one on the right says to me” I am showcasing these lovely blocks. All this to say it probably depends on what your eye prefers.
    Glad you are on the mend.

  5. My choice is the one on the right. The theme and the fact that the color seems to blend better. That probably means the one on the left is the better choice. It pops the colors better which I usually love but the soft compatibility of the other calls to me.

  6. I agree, the fabric on the left is better for the border for this quilt, although I really like the fabric on the right….just not for the border!

  7. I’m going to be the outlier here and say the fabric on the left. I think the green in it brings out the green in the blocks and let’s the center of the quilt shine.

  8. I like both fabrics but to me the one on the left works better with the blocks. Hope you continue on your road to feeling 100% , don’t push yourself !!

  9. The one on the left is my vote! I almost always perfer a darker border over a light one, just my preference. Great quilt.

  10. The lighter color on the right. To me the darker fabric is overbearing and your eyes don’t notice the blocks.

  11. What a great quilt for charity gifting. Now I have no excuse and will need to start sewing. My first thought was the fabric on the left, as it was darker and popped, but after studying the two, I’d go with the one on the right. The color changes in the leaves appear to have some green to bring out the greens in the the quilt.

  12. The darker one drew my attention right away, but when I look at first one and then the other by blocking half the screen I really prefer the lighter one. No bad choice! Hope you are continuing to feel better!


  13. I like the lighter border on the right. I think it lifts and highlights the blocks without overpowering them. I’m glad you feel well enough to sew and create!

  14. Hi Mary! I have to agree with most everyone else and like the darker one on the left side. It pulls that windmill out as a focus. I know whichever one you go with the quilt will be lovely and well appreciated. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  15. The one on the right is beautiful, the one on the left matches better in color. If you want to end darker then the one on the left is the one to pick as a framing effect.

  16. It turned out really well – I wonder what would happen if you did a “spacer” border in your neutral? – and then either of the prints.. That way the arms” of your blocks would not run into your border…

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