It’s Colorful

I saw a larger version of my Lattice quilt on Pinterest and followed the link to this tutorial on YouTube.

These blocks start with 9.5 inch squares from my scrap bin and I evened them up to 8.5 inches after piecing for an 8 inch finished block.

I can see doing this one again alternating scraps with lights like I did in my original Lattice Quilt or maybe go two color scrappy. I like browns with green or pink.


  1. I love it! I think I like the larger size even better! Scrappy with a single color strip in all the blocks sounds fabulous to this girl!

  2. I have some fat quarters that are all blues and beige. I wonder how that will look. Only 12 different FQ’s though. I do like yours a great deal, that pink kind of pops for me

  3. Hi Mary, I really like your color combination the best. It is very pretty and it has a soothing look to it. Great pattern colors!

  4. It looks great. One of the ladies in our guild did a similar Lattice layout using the 6″ squares we share when we travel. Totally scrappy and it was beautiful. I think it will work great in any color combo.

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