For those of you that also knit and crochet – do you use Ravelry? It’s a great place to search for patterns and I keep track of my projects and finishes there too.

I was looking to start my next scarf and had decided on the TGV scarf/shawl that I’ve made several times before. I’d already grabbed a skein of yarn but decided to look at the yarn tab on the pattern page just to see what yarns others had used and I was surprised to see Mandala yarn there.

I’ve made this one in both fingering weight and light worsted so I decided to see if I had a leftover ball of Mandala from one of my blankets and give it a try. I think it will make a nice cozy wrap for someone in need.

And on another positive note, TJ came by to check my sewing room lights and it turned out the switch had gone bad. He replaced it and all my lights are working again. I’m so glad it was a quick and easy fix!


  1. Good lighting makes a huge difference, doesn’t it? I’ve had good overhead lighting, but when we added lights above the design wall the difference was amazing. Now I get much better pictures, and sewing on that side of the room is better, too.

  2. I use Ravelry occasionally too. It does seem like I do more browsing than knitting though. Glad your lights were a minor problem!

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