A new puppy

My girls got a new puppy today – a golden doodle. Chris has been wanting a dog since Buddy died but Becky isn’t a fan of dogs so they agreed on a waiting period … I’m not sure who’s happier, Chris or Rae!

In between texts and calls about the new puppy … I got out for a walk. I’m so happy to be able to be out on some of my easier trails. I love walking along the trail and hearing the water flowing in the creek!


  1. The girls are getting so grown up. The puppy is adorable and so are the girls, but we grandma know that our grandchildren are the best in the entire world.

  2. We just acquired a “new” old dog this week. She’s an 8 1/2yo German shepherd and we’re crazy about her. Our last big guy died 4 years ago, and we were ready. We have a little guy, too, but were missing that big dog presence.
    Those girls will never forget this dog from their childhood. Way to go, Chris!

  3. I have found that a n animal in my life makes me make an effort to be nicer. I have always thought it was because I have a bad habit of collecting the dog that the breeder isolated or one of a dozen kittens that showed up as the whole male bred see very female wandering the neighborhood. I really think some humans don’t value life or love. BTW the last of the cats is slowly dying in our house after 17 years of outdoor living. We had all the cats spayed and neutered and two hung around outside and one was our inside cat until last year. Dogs take more care so we don’t have dogs anymore.

  4. Puppies are so sweet, and this little fellow is adorable. I hope for many happy years with his new family. I’m also so happy for you that you are able to resume some of your favourite activities. Nature brings a stillness within us that is healing in itself. Wishing you a good weekend Mary.

  5. Those girls are so adorable with the puppy. I’m sure he’ll be getting lots of lovin’ for years to come. Glad you are getting out and about again, and able to enjoy it.

  6. The pup looks well loved already. Nice that you are feeling better for walks. We are in such an urban area, just concrete and the sound of heavy traffic. I’m a city girl but it’s not great for walking here.

  7. Dear Mary: The new Puppy is adorable. The sound of water is so calming. We go to Ruidoso in the Mountains when the weather is better and there is a park there that has a brook with water going over the rocks and the sound is great. I love it. I grew up with a brook in the back field.. so swimming, finding frogs, tadpoles, fishing, damming the brook, finding Mayflowers, violets… all that is so fun. Your pictures are wonderful. Thanks so much. Carolyn

  8. Lucky puppy! So good for your daughter-in-law to be flexible. Please tell her the family, your blog friends and the puppy appreciate her.

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