Thanks for the feedback

I made the 9 blocks and after reading your feedback, I decided I’d continue on and make this a child size quilt as I intended. It is BUSY … but as I get more blocks made it’s just kind of fun. I’m tossing all kinds of novelty leftovers in this one!

I’m not pressing that last seam in the block until I’ve finished making them and have moved things around and am happy with the layout. I am planning a narrow finishing border just to frame the whole thing in the black print. Just 2 or 3 inches because I do not have much of that fabric.

I was supposed to be quilting this afternoon and I did piece a batting from leftovers and load a quilt on the longarm but storms were threatening most of the afternoon and I don’t turn the longarm on when I hear thunder!

Hopefully the weather will cooperate tomorrow and I’ll quilt. The rest of these blocks will go much quicker now that all the novelty squares have been cut – there are two of each one in this Double Four Patch I-Spy quilt too just like the Happy Blocks ones I just pieced.

Happy Blocks

Stephanie pulled I-Spy or Snowballs out of the hat for August and I thought I would do both a Happy Block and a Snowball top but now I’m thinking I might just play with Happy Blocks. I pulled my novelty leftover bin and found the few solids I have in the stash and some solid jelly roll roll strips and got started.

You can use any size you want for these blocks and for this first set I chose to cut the centers 5.5 inches and the frames 2.5 inches. I cut 2 squares from each fabric so there will be pairs to search for and this one will be set 5 x 6 for a total of 30 blocks.

Almost assembled

The blocks are sashed and the sections assembled … all it needs now is one final framing border of the blue and the top will be done.

I couldn’t face the border this afternoon after getting it to this point so I loaded and quilted my Rainbow HeartStrings top. Pantograph is Billowy.

Making a start

Stephanie has pulled I-Spy or Snowball blocks out of the hat for our monthly challenge for August and I plan to make a snowball quilt with leftover novelty fabrics. But first, I have to get the king size top assembled for my sister. I cut the blocks and sent them to Mom to piece and they’ve been waiting for about 4 months for me to assemble the top.

My intention today was to just pull everything out, figure out how I was going to assemble it and start cutting the sashing.

Once I had everything ready, I decided to go ahead and start piecing it in sections. I’ve made more progress than this photo shows and should be able to get it assembled in a week.

The blue is more turquoise looking … like the first photo.

Ready for sashing

I finished sewing the Rainbow HeartStrings blocks and got them up on the design wall today.

The sashing fabric has been chosen and the cornerstones cut too!

I don’t know if I will sew any tomorrow, I’ve got a dentist appointment and a bunch of errands to run. Tuesday, I’ll start quilting – I want to get 3 quilted and bound this week. If all goes as planned I might get to assembling this one on Friday.


For some reason it felt like the weekend … I had a massage and went for a hike this afternoon but I did manage to make some string blocks. Hopefully, I can get the 35 I’ll need for this quilt made before Monday when it will be time to start quilting again.

This will be one of our Rainbow HeartStrings quilts and I will sash it and use bright cornerstones.


It’s messy …

…but I love using these leftover bits and pieces. When I was sorting I realized I had a number of longer pieces that were trimmed off backings or were leftover bindings so I decided I’d frame each 4 block section with one fabric … if that makes sense? This one will have 48 blocks and I made a good start today.