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Another NON quilt related post

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Another weekend passed without any quilting but I am going to load one of my UFO’s on the longarm before heading out for a hike.

We had a long weekend up at Big Canoe with friends visiting from Florida. Chris also showed up for a couple days which was nice! I got to see both him and Adam in the same week.

Saturday we went for a boat ride on the lake and then on Sunday showed our friends a couple waterfalls in the area. Chesty normally HATES water but he bravely crossed this stream at one of the waterfalls to come to me.


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Adam (my youngest son) came to visit for a couple days so we headed for the mountains. This afternoon we went canoeing and had a great time. Keith gets home from California late this afternoon so we have dinner plans overlooking the lake for this evening.

I took my small camera with us and as you can see from the 2nd picture, the one of me, the camera went bad after about a 1/3 of the pictures. I’m so upset because I had some really great pictures. The camera is about 2 years old but probably more expensive to fix than to replace. I guess I’ll have to see.

I hate to send this one back

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I’m finished quilting Mom’s 4 Patch and I wish I didn’t have to send this one back to her.

Laurie Ann commented on my color coordination and I can’t take too much credit for this one. It’s kind of a convoluted story but in a nutshell – Mom had bought a bundle of fabric at Tiny Stitches when she was visiting me, made a quilt top and sent it to me to quilt last year. The woman helping me care for my father-in-law fell in love with that quilt and Mom let me keep the quilt and give it to Emmorgean to thank her for her help in caring for my father-in-law.

So what does that have to do with this quilt? Well, I gave her these fabrics to replace the ones she’d used in the top she gave me. Most of them came in a fat quarter bundle – again bought at Tiny Stitches and I bought the border to coordinate at the same time.

Norma asked how I planned on quilting it – well, the fabrics are pretty busy so I did what I usually do on scrap quilts – I used a pantograph. This one is called Frisky Feathers by Lorien Quilting.

Mom’s 4-patch finally loaded

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The practice muslin from my bee meeting is finally off the machine. Saturday I did spend some more time practicing some freehand designs and then removed the muslin.

The plan was to load and start Mom’s 4 patch top on Sunday after Keith left for California but I was in a lazy mood and decided to read instead.

Finally, this afternoon I loaded and started quilting Mom’s top. I love this quilt. It’s a larger scrappy version of a 4 patch quilt in the book 40 Fabulous Quick Cut Quilts. I have strips cut out in greens to make myself a king size version but haven’t started piecing mine yet.

No quilting but I do have new carpet

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We did get our carpet installed at the condo today which is good news but they took the molding off and there’s about a half inch of unpainted wall in all the rooms I had carpeted. Next I’ll have to find someone to paint and/or replace molding. Funny how one home improvement project leads to another.

Another day without quilting – by the time I get home Friday it will be two weeks without working on any of the quilts on my to do list. I still have the practice muslin loaded and want to play some more before taking it off and loading one of my Mom’s quilts then I’ll quilt a couple UFO tops.

Thanks for all the nice comments and emails about Mother’s Day. I’m glad both boys are living on their own but now I guess I’ll have to get used to not always having them at home for special occasions. Kind of like my Mom had to do when I moved away from Virginia 16 years ago!

Bee Meeting

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I had my Bee meeting today at my house and everyone had a chance to try the longarm. I enjoyed showing how the machine works and demonstrating different quilting methods – pantographs, freehand quilting, and marking with stencils. It’s been a while since I’d loaded any practice muslin so I had fun trying out some new quilting designs after everyone left.

I’ve been a member of a guild for several years but have started attending a bee meeting in the last 6 months. I’m really enjoying the smaller group.

We’re back at Big Canoe for the weekend so these are my *after* pictures with the vinyl floors. Much better than the carpet.

This busy week is almost over

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Mammogram done, bathroom floors installed, guild cut-in for Ronald McDonald quilts attended, helped a friend shop for fabric to make a quilt from blocks her grandmother made.

Still to go
Cleaning my sewing room and the downstairs in preparation for my Bee meeting tomorrow, grocery shopping, piece batting scraps and load practice muslin on the long arm for the Bee meeting, bake a coffee cake.

Bathroom floors finished

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The floors are finished. The bathrooms definitely look better than with the carpet but I don’t like the molding.

The baseboards in the upstairs bathrooms will need repainting anyway and the wall needs touching up downstairs so I’ll hope the trim will look better once that’s done. I really need to repaint all three bathrooms but its been a long time since I painted myself rather than having someone do it for me. Not sure I want the hassle of doing it myself.

Well the pictures wouldn’t post and I left the disk up at Big Canoe so I’ll have to add pictures to this post this weekend.