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Am I ready for a REAL winter?

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Patti wrote and asked me if I was prepared for the drastic change in climate that will come with my move to Minneapolis. I was cruising blogs the afternoon after my lovely hike with temps in the high 60’s when I came across this entry from May Britt

and this one from Rebecca
I don’t think that I can even image how cold it will get in Minnesota!


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I think Nancy was was the one who first asked what we collect.

I started collecting t-shirts from cities I was visiting a few years ago when I began traveling with my husband on his business trips with the intention of eventually making a t-shirt quilt. Shortly after that I was given a coffee mug from Hawaii by my sister in law as thanks for watching her son while she and her husband went there on vacation. So now on my trips I collect coffee mugs, my t-shirt collection has expanded to include sweatshirts and I get to relive memories of my trips each morning as I choose which cup to use that day.

I plan on gathering all my t-shirts together as I get ready for the move and maybe actually make the quilt when I get settled in Minneapolis. Right now there are t-shirts in my studio, in my closet, and in my dresser and I don’t even know how many of them I’ve collected at this point.

UFO #11

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This was a project started at least a couple years ago. I’m getting close to the top on the Stashbusters UFO list so I pulled this one out; finished ripping the stitches that needed to come out and bound it.

This is the 11th UFO finished this year but I don’t feel like I’m making much progress as there are still 17 UFO’s on my working list and probably several more sitting around not yet counted.


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The wedding went well and the kids are off on their honeymoon. Everyone else left this morning including Keith so Chesty and I will have a quiet week.

I don’t have pictures from the wedding yet but this is a good one of my family. Keith and I were very fortunate that all of our siblings were able to attend the wedding but it was such a short weekend we didn’t really have a chance to visit as much as I’d have liked.

Thank you

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Before the wedding frenzy begins I wanted to thank you all for your encouragement and support. This is a great group and I feel very fortunate to belong to Stash Quilts and the larger Internet quilting community.

I’m finishing up my last tasks before the wedding. Today I had a pedicure and had my hair done. I also finally hemmed my dress for the wedding along with the pants I’m going to wear to the Rehearsal dinner. I can’t sew so hopefully no one will look too closely at either job! Tomorrow I have laundry and some final cleaning to do and Chris and Becky will arrive after midnight.

Let the fun begin!

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Closing Ceremonies where the walkers and crew formed the outer rings and the participants who were breast cancer survivors (in the pink shirts) marched in last.
I don’t have the words to describe this weekend. It was an amazing, emotional experience to participate in the Breast Cancer 3 Day and I’m so happy that in spite of my doubts I decided to jump in and try.

I was proud that I could honor my Aunt’s memory and do something active in the fight against breast cancer – that my efforts helped to raise funds for research and awareness.

Keith was supportive from the time I told him I wanted to sign up all the way through the event. He gave up many of his weekends to train with me and when I asked him to participate, he agreed to work the event as a crew member. It was wonderful to come back to camp each day to find him there cheering my efforts. As a member of the camp services team, one of his duties was working the towel station hence his new name – towel boy!

Packed and ready to go

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I’ve checked off all the items on the packing list and the bags are packed. I haven’t slept in a tent in many, many years so this should be interesting!

Keith has to participate in a Crew training day tomorrow and we have to report in on Friday morning at 5 AM (the actual walk takes place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).We’re staying in a hotel near the starting point tomorrow night so this will be my last post until Sunday night or Monday.

Wish me luck!