Another UFO

This blue and green rail fence variation was made from leftover strips and didn’t quite turn out like I expected. (You can see a photo of the top here.) I’d expected it to look more like the version I made from my leftover red and purple strips.

So it sat on the shelf until last night when I pulled some fabric for a backing. I didn’t have enough of any one fabric so I made one of my off center 4 patch backings and loaded it on the longarm last night.

I quilted it with a pantograph I bought at Jodi Beamish’s site Willow Leaf Studio. It’s Ebb and Flow from Lorien Quilting. I’ve had the pantograph for a while but just hadn’t used it. I like the way it looks on this quilt and it was pretty quick and easy.

Someone blogged the other day about their dog getting into their batting. Chesty decides to chew on mine every now and then. He found my brand new roll of Hobbs the other day and chewed off a chunk. Luckily this quilt didn’t need the entire 96 inch length so I let him off with a warning.

HeartStrings Quilt Project Blog

I’ve created a blog to share all the wonderful progress being made on the HeartStrings Quilt Project. Neither the website or the Yahoo group alone have been ideal for sharing information about donations or upcoming events. I’m hoping with the addition of the blog – I can share photo’s and stories of the quiltmakers and groups participating in the project on a broader scale in a more timely manner.

You can find the site here: and make sure to click the subscribe with bloglines.

Another sleepless night

I couldn’t sleep so I was playing on EQ thinking I could combine my Half Square string quilt with my Baby Stripes and Linda’s zig zag setting. I was trying to come up with an easy string quilt that is pieced on a muslin foundation with half the block just being the muslin foundation. So I would only be adding strings to half the block.

For my first quilt, I just modified my EQ drawing of my Half Square strings – those blocks are smaller than the HeartString blocks so the setting is 8×10 blocks – adding a red center like the HeartStrings blocks – and I felt it needed borders.

Then I started thinking about what if I made part of the blocks with a blue half so I’d have a built in border when I assembled them and that was version 2.

Finally, I thought I’d make fewer blocks and make them the same size and setting as the HeartString blocks and this was version 3.

I was going to use a lightweight fusible interfacing for my next string quilt foundation but if I decide to try this quilt I’ll stick to the muslin.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Being half Irish, I just had to spend part of my day in a pub! Keith and I headed downtown to drink some Guinness and watch the St Patrick’s Day parade down Nicolette Avenue. Keith even spent $5 and bought me some beads.

We’re not big party people so we were home by 7:30PM and now I’ll work some on my Pineapple blocks – hopefully my seams won’t be too crooked after the Guinness!

Questions in comments

Patti also posted about this today but I thought I’d add my two cents. I hate not answering questions but don’t always have time to chase down email addresses. If I get a comment and it shows most likely you won’t get an answer to your question.

You can either edit your profile to include your email address when you comment or just type your email address in your comment if you have a question you’d like me to answer.