I’m busy working

I got this HeartStrings QOV bound. Sent to me by San (Gypsy Quilter) to finish and donate to Alycia’s QOV project…..it’s the 2nd of 3 I’m trying to finish and get to Alycia by the end of April.

And an update on my Boxed Squares for Adam. This quilt will be bigger than my design wall so I’m trying to get a 12×12 block section up and then will add the last 3 rows after this is assembled.

Each time I go up the stairs, I stop and move blocks around a bit so it’s not the final layout. Good thing Keith doesn’t mind the design wall sitting out in the hallway.

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The best of ALL worlds

You might not know that I enjoy cooking – I don’t talk about it much and I do write about eating out somewhat frequently but I truly have the best of all worlds. Great restaurants within walking distance, a husband willing to stop for takeout on nights I’m working and don’t want to cook or go out, and on the days like today – the time to spend making a home cooked meal for my man!

This afternoon I cooked up a big batch of homemade meat sauce, put half in the freezer for another night, and whipped up a pan of lasagna for tonight’s dinner. Keith’s stopping on his way home from work for fresh bread and a really good bottle of red as I type this.

Good man, good food, good wine, a cozy fire, and a game of Scrabble – what more could a girl ask for? A little snow flurry? Got that too!

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#5 of 10 is done

I’m having to tear myself away from the sewing room to get my quilting done but with just 2 weeks and 6 tops left to meet my goal — I knew I had to get down there tonight. With this one done….just 5 left to quilt.

This is a gorgeous HeartStrings top pieced by Sue I think from blocks made by Melva. Don’t you love that green center strip with a narrow black on either side? This is the last of the tops I have here from our Green for Guys project last fall but not to worry I have lots of other tops!

I quilted this one with a pantograph – Lush Leaves and chose a dark green thread so that even with an allover pattern, the sashing looks *uninterrupted* by the quilting lines crossing it. You see the texture in the photo above but DON’T see the quilting thread. Both photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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Have you seen this site?

I did a search a few weeks back and don’t even remember what I was looking for but I found Moda’s Bake Shop with a lot of cute patterns. There’s a braid quilt I want to make and a pincushion too. I just sent Mom the link for this cute pinwheel quilt.

Thanks for all the comments on the boxed squares – I made a bunch of blocks yesterday and today and I’m loving the results up on the design wall. It’s going to be a big quilt so I’ll be working on it for a while and I have 6 more tops to get quilted in the next two weeks so I’ll be loading another one on the longarm and starting it tonight when Keith goes to bed.

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Should be quilting but

I’m still making boxed squares and playing with this design — I didn’t really plan much more than I wanted green/black/white. I liked Teri’s suggestion to add red to one center square but decided it needed several red centers and then decided it even needed 3 red squares.

Also, I decided that I should alternate the black and greens with the whites to keep it from being too dark. SO… for now, this is my plan — we’ll see how it plays out in fabric as I continue to make squares.

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Sunday Progress Report

  • Two tops quilted
  • Bindings made and machine stitched to two quilts
  • Green/black/white boxed squares started
  • Continued to make QAYG blocks for HeartStrings
  • 3 quilts washed; 3 quilts mailed for donation

No fabric purchased but I did buy both a small die cutting machine and a new sewing machine along with my relatively new GO Cutter purchased a few weeks ago, you can see I’ve been on an equipment spree but they’ll all help me use stash!

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I call it arrhythmia hill

I don’t know what it is about this slow climbing stretch of the bike path but it triggers a cardiac arrhythmia every time. I’m not concerned because I had a cardiac workup last summer when it started but it is so frustrating!

I still enjoyed our ride today — 11.5 miles and here’s the view we have as we ride that last mile.

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