My friend Cecile sent me a box of novelty fabrics to play with – don’t these look fun? I have a big honking 6 inch tumbler die for my Go Cutter that I’ve been wanting to try and use to make an I Spy Quilt and these added to the ones I have will give me lots of variety. Thanks Cecile!

My day so far has been making bindings and backings and I got a couple more bindings machine stitched and ready to work on over the next few nights. I’m going to run out for some dinner (Keith is still gone and I don’t cook for one) and then may get a top loaded on the longarm tonight.

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5 Responses to “Look!”

  • Gypsy Quilter:

    What wonderful cheerful colors. I know you’ll have fun working on this one.

  • Marilyn Smith:

    Mary, those will be fun! Cute fabrics.

    I agree with no cooking when hubby is out of town..happens here for 2 nights a year, if I am lucky.

    Glad to see you back with it. I have just finished bindings. Loading another quilt and need to start piecing more.

    I don’t comment often, but check and read your site daily. You are an inspiration to me!


  • Mam:

    Mary, love your blog. You are the only other person I’ve read who uses the word “honking”. Isn’t it the best word ever.

  • Lindsey:

    Yes! You are going to make an I spy! I should have read this post first!

  • ForestJane:

    I love the frogs… 🙂

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