Brunch, a movie, dinner at home

Why is it when we have company we seem to go from planning one meal to the next?? We took the kids to brunch at Hell’s Kitchen this morning. Chris liked the chandelier with all the knives in the background. Then a movie, then a couple quiet hours before it was time to cook dinner. They’ll leave tomorrow afternoon – maybe I’ll think about sewing on Monday!

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Although shopping isn’t top on my list, we took the Light Rail to the Mall of America today. I did find a new Jim Shore figure to add to the two I bought last year. When we got home, a game of Scrabble – not a favorite of the kids!

I’m getting a little antsy to spend some time piecing or quilting but the kids will be leaving on Sunday afternoon and until then, I’ll focus on spending time with them. Come January, Keith will be traveling and I’ll have plenty of time for quilting.

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Good times!

Chesty watching for Chris.

Chris & Becky arrive and we break out the Champagne.
Homemade (from scratch) cookie platter.
Our Christmas Eve picnic.
Looking at family photos after dinner.
A father/son moment.
The only thing missing was Adam and he called to say Merry Christmas on his way home from work.

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It’s Christmas Eve!

I’ve been in the kitchen all morning cooking and have a break now before I start baking the cookies (you know that dough has to sit in the fridge for hours!).

My journal page today was about previous years when we lived in FL and Keith’s dad was still alive. We’d always have a big family dinner and open presents at his parents’ house.
But my favorite tradition is our Christmas Eve picnic. The potato salad and devil eggs are made, I’ll start baking the cookies in an hour, Keith bought the sandwich fixings this morning so now we’ll just wait for Chris and Becky to arrive – hopefully around 5:30PM if all goes well.

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A finish

A top pieced by Barbara in FL for HeartStrings and quilted last month is done. I did the hand stitching on the binding tonight. That makes 6 of the 10 quilted last month that are bound and finished and 4 left to do. The binding is machine stitched onto quilt #7 and I’ll work on it as time allows over the next few days.

Some line dancing in the teal squares.

Swirls in the piano key border.

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I’d intended to make some more happy blocks today but decided to play with postcards instead. I’d was going to make a snowflake for my January card to exchange with family and one of my cousin’s daughters wanted to know how to do beading on postcards so I took some time to photograph my steps.

I won’t share all the photos here but here’s the card in progress. I might make several if I can find different designs I like.

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