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It fits

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The longarm is set up and it fits better than I expected. I’ll only walk around one side (I did the same at the apartment so I’m used to it). If you remember, I downsized to a smaller machine and to a 10 foot table when we moved last year but this room is slightly smaller than the one I used in the apartment.

Deb uses the space under her machine for storage and I might give that a try. In the apartment, I moved the machine back and forth so it didn’t make sense to put stuff under it but I don’t think I’ll be moving it here.

That’s my desk in the corner – already kind of messy but I’ve been *working* off of it for almost 2 weeks now. I need to do some filing.

It looks small in this picture but there’s more than enough space to walk around the machine.


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I’ve had a few comments and emails from readers surprised that I’ve continued to blog. I admit after 2+ years of blogging – I’m addicted to it. In my everyday life I’m constantly thinking – “I’ve got to get a photo of this for the blog” or “I need to write about this on the blog”. I bet the other longtime bloggers are the same and once it becomes a habit it doesn’t take but a few minutes to write a brief note and post some photos.

So, here are today’s! I had wonderful suggestions to spend some time reading and cuddling with Chesty so I took about an hour this morning and started reading the new Benni Harper mystery by Earlene Fowler (thanks to Mom for sending it to me!). You can see Chesty is still kind of bummed but he’ll adjust – just don’t tell Keith that he curled up on his pillow!

Since I can’t unpack the kitchen or living room yet and Keith isn’t home to help me put the longarm table together, I started on the fabric shelves. The first is almost done….

I just need Keith’s help to muscle those last few pegs into place.

Speaking of Keith, forget all the nasty, terrible things I usually write about him (just kidding). He earned big points this morning by going over and cleaning the apartment by himself and has already done the walk thru. I can’t believe we escaped without any *deductions* or charges. I’ll admit there’s a ding or two in the walls in the sewing and longarm rooms.


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Even though I thought we downsized significantly last year with the move to Minneapolis, we’ve still got too much stuff!

I couldn’t figure out why these last two moves were so *difficult* and then I realized I had just started quilting about a year and a half before we moved to Atlanta. I had one bookshelf with some fabric and my sewing machine. Now after 7 and 1/2 years I have too many quilting books to count, way too much fabric, the longarm and all the supplies that go along with it.

That’s my downtown view along with the truck.

They’re going to put in our countertops on Friday so we won’t even unpack the kitchen stuff, of course that means we can’t get the living room organized either.

The master bedroom and bathroom are completely unpacked! Sheets have been washed, the bed is made and I’m heading up there shortly to join Keith.

This is the sewing room and I managed to move all the stuff out of my way so I can reassemble my shelves against the far wall. Somehow my instructions to leave the entire middle and right side of the room empty didn’t get through!

I’m afraid to show the longarm room yet – it’s a tight fit and I’ll wait until I get the table set up to show you.

Thanks for all the comments and well wishes on the move – I appreciate all the encouragement.

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What a bad housekeeper I am!

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Not only do I feel lazy, sitting here on the computer while other people pack up my house for me, would you look at the dust on this now empty bookshelf – where does it all come from??

Chesty is very unsettled by all the disarray and activity. I had them pack up my bedroom first so I could let him out and he went right over and laid down in this patch of sun.

I’m ready!

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I got through my to do list and now I’m ready for the packers to come tomorrow. Keith helped me take down my longarm, disassemble the table and we brought the machine over to the townhouse along with several other boxes with my sewing things. Doesn’t it look lonely sitting in the corner?

Since I brought the log cabin top, I just had to try a couple photos off the back deck. The first faces the city and in the second looking left, you see the other townhouses. We have empty flower boxes hanging on the railing that I’d intended to remove but I’m thinking about planting some flowers in them now. I even found a book on Container Gardening in the Midwest.

yes, more packing

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I have things stacked all over the apartment, some waiting for the movers, some for us to cart over this weekend and I’ve still got plenty to do before the packers come on Monday. Right about now, I wished I’d left it all for them to do and just sorted and tossed as I unpack at the townhouse.

Am I the only one who lets my pins get dull before finally replacing them – what are they? All of $2-3? I’m treating myself to new pins – all these are getting tossed.

It’s been raining, sleeting, and snowing since yesterday afternoon – there seems to be enough rain to keep the snow from accumulating.


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Thanks for all the comments on the top and the move. I’m responding less to comments these days due to limited internet time so I’ll thank you all as a group!

Carpet cleaning is checked off the list and our winter storm has begun as a rain/sleet/snow mix….which I had the pleasure of walking back to the apartment in this evening – ugh!

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more Snow?

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I don’t really mind since it should all be gone by Wednesday when the movers come.

Errands today, carpet cleaners at the townhouse tomorrow. I’m just about ready for them to pack on Monday once Keith gets home and helps me disassemble the longarm table.

Since the cable and internet have already been transferred to the townhouse, I’m spending my evenings reading once my *chores* are done for the day. I’ve read several by Laura Lippman, mysteries that take place in Baltimore that I’ve really enjoyed and today I’m reading The Madonnas of Leningrad – I can’t remember which blog I saw that recommended it but I’m enjoying the book. Although I don’t blog about most of the books I’m reading, you can always click on the link to my reading list in the sidebar.

Log cabin

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I stopped in at Panera for lunch and to checking email. I’m walking over to the townhouse and I’ll see if I set the wireless up correctly yesterday. Comcast came and set up the internet and cable but I had to set up the router for the wireless.

I took an updated photo of these blocks assembled into a top on my balcony this afternoon but either I slipped the wrong card into my laptop before leaving home or they didn’t record to the memory card. This was another set of blocks that got stalled on my design wall and I was determined to have them assembled before the move. At any rate – this top is done….I only have one more sewing item on the list to be done before the move and that is to finish the binding on a HeartStrings quilt. If I find the photo of the finished top, I’ll post it the next time I’m online.

Tonight I have to disassemble a desk we aren’t taking with us and then Thursday I have people coming to the townhouse to clean the carpet. It’s so much easier to get painting and carpet cleaning done BEFORE the furniture is moved.

Poll results

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I’m not surprised about the number of readers that visit but don’t comment since I can tell that from my blog stats but I am surprised that more people don’t use a blog reader service.

The biggest advantage in my opinion is that I don’t spend time visiting blogs that haven’t updated since my last visit….a disadvantage is that there’s a delay between a new post and the update on the reader service.

For those interested in checking into one – I’ve used Bloglines in the past and now I’m giving Google Reader a try. I like Google Reader better at this point than Bloglines but I’m not sure why because they are really very similar.

Thanks for responding!

Poll Results – 266 responses
26% read and comment from my blog’s homepage
23% use a blog reader service and come to the site to comment
45% read from my blog’s homepage but don’t comment
3% other options not listed

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