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Another early morning

Although I wasn’t thrilled about getting up again this morning, I am thrilled that my washer and dryer are here and installed. I’m even doing a load of towels just to try them out.

We’re all set for the moving van to come tomorrow – finally!

Isn’t he pitiful?

Chesty decided to hide under the bed….

but I finally talked him into lying on the bed beside me…

and after the packers left, he ran to his usual perch.

These shelves seemed like a good idea a year ago but I may not think so when I have to reassemble them. Keith will be happy that I took them apart by myself before he got home from work.

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What a bad housekeeper I am!

Not only do I feel lazy, sitting here on the computer while other people pack up my house for me, would you look at the dust on this now empty bookshelf – where does it all come from??

Chesty is very unsettled by all the disarray and activity. I had them pack up my bedroom first so I could let him out and he went right over and laid down in this patch of sun.

I’m ready!

I got through my to do list and now I’m ready for the packers to come tomorrow. Keith helped me take down my longarm, disassemble the table and we brought the machine over to the townhouse along with several other boxes with my sewing things. Doesn’t it look lonely sitting in the corner?

Since I brought the log cabin top, I just had to try a couple photos off the back deck. The first faces the city and in the second looking left, you see the other townhouses. We have empty flower boxes hanging on the railing that I’d intended to remove but I’m thinking about planting some flowers in them now. I even found a book on Container Gardening in the Midwest.

yes, more packing

I have things stacked all over the apartment, some waiting for the movers, some for us to cart over this weekend and I’ve still got plenty to do before the packers come on Monday. Right about now, I wished I’d left it all for them to do and just sorted and tossed as I unpack at the townhouse.

Am I the only one who lets my pins get dull before finally replacing them – what are they? All of $2-3? I’m treating myself to new pins – all these are getting tossed.

It’s been raining, sleeting, and snowing since yesterday afternoon – there seems to be enough rain to keep the snow from accumulating.


Thanks for all the comments on the top and the move. I’m responding less to comments these days due to limited internet time so I’ll thank you all as a group!

Carpet cleaning is checked off the list and our winter storm has begun as a rain/sleet/snow mix….which I had the pleasure of walking back to the apartment in this evening – ugh!

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Here’s the top

Yep, as soon as I *found* the photo, I realized that the block on the bottom right was turned the wrong way. I’ve already fixed it.

more Snow?

I don’t really mind since it should all be gone by Wednesday when the movers come.

Errands today, carpet cleaners at the townhouse tomorrow. I’m just about ready for them to pack on Monday once Keith gets home and helps me disassemble the longarm table.

Since the cable and internet have already been transferred to the townhouse, I’m spending my evenings reading once my *chores* are done for the day. I’ve read several by Laura Lippman, mysteries that take place in Baltimore that I’ve really enjoyed and today I’m reading The Madonnas of Leningrad – I can’t remember which blog I saw that recommended it but I’m enjoying the book. Although I don’t blog about most of the books I’m reading, you can always click on the link to my reading list in the sidebar.

Log cabin

I stopped in at Panera for lunch and to checking email. I’m walking over to the townhouse and I’ll see if I set the wireless up correctly yesterday. Comcast came and set up the internet and cable but I had to set up the router for the wireless.

I took an updated photo of these blocks assembled into a top on my balcony this afternoon but either I slipped the wrong card into my laptop before leaving home or they didn’t record to the memory card. This was another set of blocks that got stalled on my design wall and I was determined to have them assembled before the move. At any rate – this top is done….I only have one more sewing item on the list to be done before the move and that is to finish the binding on a HeartStrings quilt. If I find the photo of the finished top, I’ll post it the next time I’m online.

Tonight I have to disassemble a desk we aren’t taking with us and then Thursday I have people coming to the townhouse to clean the carpet. It’s so much easier to get painting and carpet cleaning done BEFORE the furniture is moved.

Poll results

I’m not surprised about the number of readers that visit but don’t comment since I can tell that from my blog stats but I am surprised that more people don’t use a blog reader service.

The biggest advantage in my opinion is that I don’t spend time visiting blogs that haven’t updated since my last visit….a disadvantage is that there’s a delay between a new post and the update on the reader service.

For those interested in checking into one – I’ve used Bloglines in the past and now I’m giving Google Reader a try. I like Google Reader better at this point than Bloglines but I’m not sure why because they are really very similar.

Thanks for responding!

Poll Results – 266 responses
26% read and comment from my blog’s homepage
23% use a blog reader service and come to the site to comment
45% read from my blog’s homepage but don’t comment
3% other options not listed

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Who am I kidding?

I had in my mind that I might get 1 or 2 more tops quilted before moving. It’s not that I couldn’t do them if I really put my mind to it but things are in such disarray and I’m really too scattered to focus so I packed up ALL my unfinished tops and the HeartStrings tops I have waiting for quilting today. I’ll carry them over to the townhouse tomorrow along with my Janome Jem and my Wonky Trees….I may find time to make some trees while I wait for Comcast tomorrow.

In addition to lots of progress with straightening and packing today, I finished up my spring journal postcard. It’s basically the same as the one I’m using for our April family exchange. I used card stock on the back of both of these and I really like it. I bought this pack at Joann’s a couple weeks ago – it has a bunch of colors but I do have to trim it down slightly. I use fusible web to attach it and then stitch the edge as usual – it’s working well for me.


Gotta love those unsecured wireless networks…I’m *borrowing* someone’s wireless here at the apartment! Spent the day packing…..who knew an 8×10 room could hold so much junk! I’m piling stuff in the area off the kitchen as it gets packed or ready for the movers to pack and in the hall for things I’m going to take over tomorrow…my 2nd sewing machine, all my unfinished tops, my HeartStrings blocks for my anniversary quilt, my Wonky Trees!

Limited access

Comcast is coming Monday to hook up the cable, internet, and phone at the townhouse and I’ve got to get all my equipment over there today while I have Keith to help.
So although I’ll have access at the townhouse Monday – I won’t be staying there yet. My online access will be spotty until we physically move on April 16th and my responses to email will be slow.
I’ll be around…just not as much as usual!

Some blog reading

I’m in love with trees and came across two blog posts with the most amazing trees.

My favorite one of mine was this postcard that Deb and I made for Mom in January. I know it doesn’t look nearly as good as the ones in the above links and I aspire to be able to make beautiful trees like those one day.

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I have found it very challenging to pick the paint colors for the townhouse. The beige/tan that most of the place is painted has a pink undertone in a certain light which I’ve come to accept over the last 3 days BUT the upstairs guest bathroom – I was going for a red accent wall with the other 3 being a gold/tanish color and the paint is completely different than the *chip* I used to pick it ….it’s YELLOW, very YELLOW.

At this point I can’t even be bothered with it. If I decide I can’t live with it, I’ll deal with it later and we’ll repaint those walls – it’s just a small bathroom and I LOVE the red.

Shouldn’t quilting make it easier for me to pick and coordinate paint colors?

Keith is home until Sunday morning so tomorrow will be packed with moving chores I need him for before he heads to Denmark for 7 days.

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More of the same….

The painting continues and I’ll be up at 5:45am again tomorrow so I’m getting ready to head to bed. I did have a new desk delivered to the townhouse today – a smaller one – from Office Depot. The room the longarm is going into is small but I need some place to put the computer and a desk – hopefully they’ll both fit OK. I’ve got it almost assembled and need Keith to help me lift the hutch on top of the desk tomorrow. He’ll be back home in the afternoon but leaves again on Sunday for Denmark.

After all the discussion about how time consuming it is to click through the rings, I went into one tonight and saw the new RingSurf header – boy this makes it really quick to browse. I tried it out on the MQ Resource ring. If you haven’t visited the machine quilting forum created by Suzanne Earley, you should check it out – all quilters are welcome – not just those with longarms.

Early mornings,,,,,,,,,,

I don’t like them at ALL!!

I’m off to the townhouse again to let the painters in and to *supervise*. I’d write more but you all have to be tired of my whining – I am.

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Blog reading

I’ve found it very interesting to watch the polling results and read the comments on how you all manage the list of blogs you read. It seems that many of you feel the same challenge that I do of balancing your desire to visit a number of blogs without spending ALL your time on the computer.

I’ve realized a couple things that I hope will help me.

  1. by purging my bloglines, all I did was make it more difficult to find the blogs I like when I felt I had the time to spend reading them
  2. it’s ridiculous of me to allow being *behind* in my blog reading to stress me
  3. I also liked the idea of a routine …. morning blog reading with coffee….but since I doubt I can limit myself to once a day and am not a morning person, this one won’t probably won’t help me!

I decided I’d try Google Reader and create 3 folders to categorize blogs that I read from a daily to monthly basis. And when I get behind reading….I’ll just push the mark all read button and start fresh.


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Photos from the sleepover

Chesty wasn’t thrilled with the new place and was ready to go home from the time we got there.

We had a drink by the fire…..

……..and admired the night view.

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