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Brunch and flowers

Just had to take another photo of Melva’s HeartStrings quilt on the deck — we went to buy some flowers today after brunch.

We’ll do some vacation planning, maybe take a walk, and at some point today, I’ll load another quilt on the longarm.

Have a great Sunday!

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This top of Cheryl’s makes #5 of 10 on the list so I’m halfway there.

Let’s just hope I remember the things I learned today the next time I try to do some stitch in the ditch.

1. Believe it or not, it was easier to put the machine in manual mode and slow WAY down. In stitch regulated mode if I went too slow I wobbled, too fast I wandered off my line.

2. I tried several different rulers and I had the best results with the Little Girl from Gadget Girls.

3. I don’t like doing stitch in the ditch!!!

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One more done

Absolutely one of my favorite HeartStrings quilts — blocks pieced by Melva and assembled by Sue. I quilted a pantograph Lush Leaves on it and the binding was finished tonight.

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I decided to load a small quilt thinking I’d just knock one off my list and this top donated by Cheryl was one I’d pieced batting and pulled a backing for yesterday.

Once I got it loaded I had the brilliant idea that it would be a great top to further my nonexistent stitch in the ditch skills since I didn’t really want to run an allover design across those diagonal frames.
I doubt you can see the stitching in this next photo (maybe if you click on it to enlarge) but I’m definitely better quilting in some directions versus others and I can certainly use the practice with the ruler.
Obviously, this will take a little longer than I planned ….

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In spite of playing with postcards this morning, I did manage to get a little work done. This Roman Stripes was pieced by Mom and will be donated via the Angel Tree at her church in December. Quilted with my Circle Lord Baptist Fan Template, it’s #4 of 10 to be quilted by the end of May ….I’m beginning to wonder if I’m going to get through my list in the next couple weeks.

This next photo is for Karen, she commented that my *desk* was pretty clean the other day only I was showing a photo of my kitchen island with all the mail that had come while I was out of town….as you can see, my desk is not neat at all which is probably why I was going through the mail in the kitchen.

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May’s postcard

Our theme this month is hobbies so the little sewing machine patch and tape measure I found while shopping in Joann’s with Mom last week are just perfect. I had the bright idea to add some buttons last night when I couldn’t sleep — I love buttons but don’t always find a good way to use them.

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A small finish tonight

This small HeartStrings quilt was pieced by the St. Mary’s quilters in CT and it’s the 7th of 10 quilts I want to get bound by the end of May.

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The tumblers are together and I love it – I’m going to bind the sides as is rather than trim them even. I love irregular edges but this will be the first quilt I’ve made with one.

There was a question about the size of the tumblers. They’re cut:
6.5 inches long
6.5 inches wide at the top
3.5 inches wide at the bottom

The last of the errands were run today so tomorrow I should hopefully manage to get back to quilting.

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I came home to Spring!

The design wall has been reassembled

Before getting back to work on Adam’s quilt — I decided to play with my I Spy tumbler quilt. My friend Cecile send me a BUNCH of novelty fabrics leftover from kid’s quilts she’d made and I’d started cutting tumblers a couple weeks ago.

After assembling the design wall, I cut some more and arranged the blocks. This quilt looks SO much better in person than in this photo – I was worried about the tumblers being too big but they’re perfect.

They’re ready to sew but first, Chesty has a vet appointment.

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While I wait

I always seem to want the latest and greatest gadgets so when Amazon came out with the Kindle 2, I avoided looking at it until friends and family started buying them. Once I started looking, of course I wanted the updated one too.

So with a birthday coming up and the old Kindle given to Mom this weekend (we can share books as long as both of them are registered to the same account), I’m waiting for UPS to deliver the new one today. In the meantime, I’m working my way through this stack of mail and paperwork somewhat diligently.

How well do you know me by now?? If you know me pretty well – this didn’t surprise you.

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After being gone so much the last couple weeks, I’m thrilled to be home….tomorrow and Wednesday I’ll spend catching up and hope to get back to working on my to do list after that.

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A Mother’s Day cookout

We had a small family cookout this afternoon for Mother’s day, just 8 of us which is small for one of our family gatherings but very nice. My sister Maureen took the above photo of me with Mom.

I head home tomorrow and will be glad to stay put for a few weeks!


Not sure why my text disappeared from the previous post but the lambs are Mom’s — from a pattern from a special edition of Fon’s & Porter magazine — Baby Quilts Winter 2008.

Family in and out visiting today and tomorrow so no sewing but it’s great seeing (almost) everyone.

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While I was cutting

Binding #6

Even away away from home I'm making a little progress on my to do list.

4 quilts left to bind; 7 tops left to quilt by the end of May.


New books

I’m in Virginia visiting with Mom and we’ve been working on a few things today and running some errands. While we were out I bought these two new books — I especially love the Quilting Designs from the Past one.

just needs binding

A simple meander on this top — #3 of 10 I want done by the end of the month. After checking email, I’ll head up and get it trimmed and the binding on so I can carry it with me to VA tomorrow.

In between working on this one — unpacking, laundry, and then repacking being done.

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On today’s agenda

Writing a tutorial on How to Tie a HeartStrings Quilt.

Julia and Sheree posed with our tied quilt from Saturday.

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